Giving Away Free Beats to Promote Your Site

Nice Things About Free Rap Beats

– What if I told you, you can get free instrumental beats online for you to use within any which way you liked in your songs

– Yeah, you’ll look at me like I was insane

– You are absolutely wrong

– The fact is, I’m of completely sound mind, and I let you know with confidence available free instrumental beats on the internet and not just two or three samples, an entirely library of them

– You just need to know in places you find them

R and B Beats For Free – Your Ultimate Step By Step Guide!

– Here is the thing about these free downloads that producers are giving out

– They are what exactly they are saying, free downloads

– A lot of producers consider this path to lure in more customers

– I personally think its shady and sort of for the pointless side

– Its like going to the store and the lady giving out free food samples says “You can take it however, you can’t eat it”

– Its a total waste of space on your own harddrive and a waste of your time

– One of the biggest sites which might be enjoying this annoying behavior is soundclick

– A lot of producers there are luring inside customers, as well as gaining countless plays on their own profile by adding this false information

Royalty Free Beats – Get Unlimited Access to Top Notch Beats

– So with this example, say out of those 100 visitors, you can actually capture 20 emails per day

– This would mean that in a very year’s time, you’d have a very report on over 6000 potential prospects that can potentially want one of your respective beats

– So when you send out a contact to people 6000 people, say 1% actually buy a beat when you signal out an email

– That’s 60 people buying a beat each time which you create a new beat

– If you’re selling your beats for $20, you just made $1200-just by sending an email

Another way to develop money off your subsciber lists is always to start calling other producers to find out if they’d pay you in promoting their beats in your email list. If you have 2,000 people on your mailing list you might probably get at least 50 dollars in exchange for an e-mail blast of their beat to your subscribers.

Budget what you could afford to spend on hip hop instrumentals. And keep planned if you are interested in creating your own, you are likely to should purchase some beat creator software to have the job done. If you are planning on-going down that road, think long lasting: the bucks you invest in it could simply be made back when you learn to sell beats.FREE